Published: 2019-11-26 15:47:56 CET
AB Novaturas
Acquisition or disposal of a block of shares

9.99% shares of Novaturas will be managed by Girteka Logistics holding company ME Investicija

ME Investicija, a controlling company of Girteka Logistics, will be managing 9.99% shares of Novaturas Group. The company has been managing 4.99% of the shares of Novaturas Group since its IPO in 2018. The transaction with the seller, The Central European Tour Operator S.a.r.l., amounts EUR 1.56 million for an additional 5% of shares. 90% shares of ME Investicija are owned by Mindaugas Raila.  

The Central European Tour Operator S.a.r.l., which now owns 35.8% of Novaturas Group shares, remains a major shareholder. Central European Tour Operator S.a.r.l. is an entity owned by Polish Enterprise Fund VI, managed by Enterprise Investors. The fund invested in Novaturas in 2007 acquiring 70.7% of shares. Later in 2018, the fund sold 23.3% of shares during the IPO of Novaturas Group.  

The fund announced the sale of part of its shares last week. The method of accelerated book-building was chosen for the sale of shares. This process is one of the most transparent ways to cash out on investments, often used in foreign markets. In financial markets, this approach is seen as more transparent than outright transactions because it allows institutional investors to bid.  

Novaturas Group is the largest tour operator in the Baltic States. Starting in 2018 March 21 Novaturo is listed on the Warsaw and Nasdaq Vilnius stock exchanges.

Tomas Staškūnas, CFO
tel. +370 687 10426


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