Published: 2021-04-28 22:13:49 CEST
Company Announcement

Changes in the management bodies of subsidiaries of AS PRFoods

The Supervisory Board of Saaremere Kala AS decided to extend the term of office of the current management board member Christopher Charles Leigh by three years. The Management Board of Saaremere Kala AS will continue to operate with two members, Indrek Kasela and Christopher Charles Leigh.

Jarkko Alho shall be recalled from the management board of AS PRFoods subsidiaries Heimon Kala Oy and Heimon Kala OÜ. Management board members of Saaremere Kala AS Indrek Kasela and Margus Rebane and Risto Parkkila (as a member who has not been part of the management bodies of the group of companies of AS PRoods before) shall become the new board members of Heimon Kala Oy. Risto Parkkila is business controller of Heimon Kala Oy and has previously worked as business controller at Froneri Finland Oy and Froneri Switzerland AG and has more than ten years of work experience as a financier in the food industry. Risto Parkkila has no shares of AS PRFoods.

Anna Crona shall be recalled from the management board of JRJ & PRF Limited, the UK subsidiary of Saaremere Kala AS.

Indrek Kasela, CEO, PRFoods:

„Unfortunately, the results of Heimon Kala Oy did not meet the group's expectations, which is why we considered it necessary to make changes in the management. Risto Parkkila has shown himself to be a capable member of the management in a very short time and we are glad that he will join the board. JRJ&PRF Limited management will be streamlined, we thank Anna Crona for her contribution in helping in marketing of UK companies.“

Indrek Kasela
AS PRFoods
Member of the Management Board
T: +372 452 1470