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Published: 2023-06-07 14:46:56 CEST
Storent Investments
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Recording of Storent Holdings webinar about its public bond offering

Insider information, 2023-06-07 14:46 CEST --  

On June 6, 2023 the leading Latvian and one of the largest Baltic construction equipment rental companies Storent Holdings organized a webinar about company’s public bond offering.

During the webinar Andris Pavlovs, co-founder of Storent and Chairman of the Board of Storent Holdings, and Baiba Onkele, CFO of Storent Holdings provided an overview of the company and its growth story, while Jānis Dubrovskis, Country Manager of Redgate Capital, the Sales agent of the bond offering, illustrated the public bond offering which takes place from June 2, 2023 until June 16, 2023. 

The recording of the webinar is available online: https://youtu.be/TzD6rrPlUzQ and the presentation, demonstrated during the webinar, is available in the attachment.

Main terms of the offering

Storent Holdings is offering 150 000 notes with a nominal value of 100 euros per note. The maturity date is 21 December 2025.

The interest rate will be determined through an auction where investors can choose from three options – 9%, 10% or 11%. The auction is open for both institutional and private investors. The subscription period starts on 2 June and will last until 16 June, 2023, 15:30 EEST, with the results being announced on 19 June.

Bonds are planned to be listed on Baltic Bond List shortly after the issue date.

Additional information about the public bond offering is available on Nasdaq Riga website: https://view.news.eu.nasdaq.com/view?id=bb3d6365462ae2d571c3ede1fce4973b3&lang=en&src=listed

About Storent

Storent was established in 2008 with the goal of developing an efficient construction equipment rental company. It is the largest construction equipment company in Latvia and has one of the largest market shares in Estonia and Lithuania, with an additional market presence in Finland and Sweden. Storent currently operates a total of 26 rental depots.

Additional information

Baiba Onkele
Storent Holdings CFO
Mobile: + 371 29340012

Legal disclaimer: This announcement is not an offer to subscribe for bonds. Any investment decision should be made based on Base Prospectus and Final Terms available on www.storent.com/investors.

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