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Published: 2021-06-10 17:43:48 CEST
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The smallest tick size has been applied to AB “Novaturas” shares

The shares of the largest tour operator in the Baltics AB “Novaturas” on the “Nasdaq Baltic” Stock Exchange have been applied with the smallest tick size, which amounts to EUR 0.001 cents. Until the 9th of June 2021, the applied tick size was EUR 0.05 cents when the price for the share is EUR 5 and more per 1 unit.

"We have been monitoring gradually growing trade of our shares since the beginning of this year. Starting from the beginning of 2021, we have been ranked 11th on the “Nasdaq Baltic” Stock Exchange in terms of share trade turnover and average number of daily transactions. If we look at the last three months period, we have climbed one step higher to the 10th position. And the results of the last month show that we have reached the 7th place in terms of share trade turnover, and the 10th place in terms of the number of concluded daily transactions. The resumption of the operations and increase in its volumes as well as accelerated vaccination processes all over the world, which allow people to travel more freely and plan their vacations in advance gave an impetus to the intensified trading in shares. I believe that the smallest tick size applied to the shares of our company will be positively assessed by investors as well,” says Audronė Keinytė, Head of “Novaturas” Group.

The smallest tick size is the minimum price rate set for a security by which the investor can alter the transaction orders and buy confirmations displayed in the trading system. The value of the tick size is variable and depends on the share price range.

About “Novaturas” group 

AB “Novaturas” Group is the largest tour operator in the Baltic States, offering summer and winter package holidays in more than 30 destinations worldwide and more than 100 sightseeing routes. In 2019, the group served more than 293 thousand customers. 

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