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Published: 2010-10-01 14:22:32 CEST
Københavns Lufthavne A/S
Company Announcement
Brian Petersen resigns as CEO of Copenhagen Airports A/S
Brian Petersen resigns as CEO of Copenhagen Airports A/S 

Brian Petersen has
decided to step down from the role of CEO of Copenhagen
Airports A/S after 3½

“After many years abroad the years in Copenhagen Airports have given
me a
fantastic introduction to Danish business life. The strong results in
airport have opened many doors for me such as the Chairmanship of
and Bang & Olufsen. We have established a very strong leadership
team in CPH
and I feel ready to move on to new assignments outside the
airport” said Brian
Petersen. “I would like to thank CPH's Supervisory Board
for making it possible
to deliver good results to the benefit of passengers,
airlines and other
companies in CPH.” 

“On behalf of the Board, I would
like to thank Brian for his leadership through
the past 3½ years” said Henrik
Gurtler, Chairman of the Supervisory Board.
Copenhagen Airport has emerged as
a strong, customer focused operation with
growing passenger numbers, despite
the economic environment over that period.
We wish him well for the future.”

In the last three years Copenhagen Airports has focused on core business -
customers, its operations and its infrastructure to come through the
of the financial crisis and deliver improvements in operational
passenger experience and customer service. 

“This year
Copenhagen Airport has presented the highest growth in traffic
amongst the
larger European airports, which among other things is due to the
partnership, which CPH and SAS entered into earlier this year. The
has resulted in a historic growth in the number of transfer
Furthermore Copenhagen Airports' new low cost pier CPH Go, which
will ensure
continued low cost growth, will open October 31st,” said Henrik

Copenhagen Airports A/S continues to be supported by a strong
management team. The search for a new CEO will commence immediately
and CFO Per
Madsen has been registered as an Executive Director at the Danish
Commerce And
Companies Agency.

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