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Published: 2021-12-20 12:08:41 CET
Elmo Rent
Company Announcement

Reminder: tomorrow (21.12) at 10.00 ends ELMO Rent AS adoption of resolution on elmorent.ee/yldkoosolek web-page

Reminder: 7-21.12 is the adoption of resolution without calling meeting, ELMO Rent AS  

ELMO Rent AS invites shareholders into virtual shareholders meeting. Information about topics, video presentations (summary about latest developments, status of remotely controlled car technology, introduction to Elektritakso, new public offering) and voting can be found www.elmorent.ee/yldkoosolek


1. Conditional increase of share capital in connection with the public offering and admission to trading of shares on the multilateral trading facility First North operated by the Nasdaq Tallinn Stock Exchange (the share capital of the Company will be conditionally increased up to 72 727 euro; premium with a lower limit 5,40 eurot (total lower limit 5,5eur); The offering period lasts from 10.00 on 27 December 2021 until 16.00 on 7 January 2022).

2.  Increase of the share capital for the purchace of Elektritakso OÜ (when increasing the share capital of the Company, contributions in the total amount of EUR 450,000 will be madethe number of shares to be issued will be determined by the Management Board on the basis of the Nasdaq Baltic stock exchange price subject to a 10% discount ((450,000 / x / 0.9) = y shares, where x is the market price of the share and y is the number of shares)

Notice to convene extra. general meeting: https://view.news.eu.nasdaq.com/view?id=b1c70f4677a418b7b2cbf131cad451bfa&lang=en

Voting: www.elmorent.ee/yldkoosolek


For more information, please contact:


Julia Nekrassova

Management Board Member 

E-mail: julia@elmorent.ee