Published: 2021-05-07 15:15:23 CEST
Rokiskio Suris
Notification on material event

Ex-day dividend payment of AB Rokiškio sūris

The Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders of AB Rokiškio sūris (company code 173057512, registered office address Pramonės street 3, Rokiškis) held on 30 April 2021, decided to allocate a dividend of EUR 0.10 per share for 2020 (the total amount allocated for dividends for 2020 is EUR 3.501 million).

Dividends will be entitled to those persons who will be shareholders of the Company at the end of the tenth business day after the General Meeting of Shareholders that has decided to allocate a part of the profit for dividend payment (i.e. 14 May 2021).

The first day without rights (i.e. Ex-Date), from which the shares of AB Rokiškio sūris (RSU1L, ISIN code LT0000100372) acquired on the stock exchange with settlement cycle T+2 do not entitle to receive dividends for 2020, is 13 May 2021.

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