Published: 2021-08-26 14:42:49 CEST
Latvijas Jūras medicīnas centrs
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Additional information.

Latvia, 2021-08-26 14:42 CEST -- Latvijas Juras medicinas centrs JSC has published audited report for the Year 2020 and financial result (Company´s net profit) differs more than 10% from forecasts in company’s shareholders confirmed budget for Year 2020. The comment has been prepared by Latvijas Juras medicinas centrs JSC.

Latvijas Juras medicinas centrs JSC net profit for the Year 2020 has been reached with a relatively smaller Covid – 19 impact on economic activity than coutiously predicted at the beginning of the pandemic in spring 2020.

         Member of the Board: Juris Imaks, phone: 29512492