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Published: 2021-07-02 10:57:24 CEST
Nasdaq Tallinn
Announcement from the exchange

First trading day with the shares of Bercman Technologies AS is 06.07.2021

Tallinn, Estonia, 2021-07-02 10:57 CEST --  

On 25.06.2021, the Supervisory Board of Bercman Technologies AS (hereinafter Bercman) decided to increase the share capital of Bercman by 24,000 euro and issue 240,000 new shares to the investors subscribing shares in the course of the public offering of the shares of Bercman. The increase of share capital was registered in the Commercial Register on 29.06.2021. Therefore, it is possible to start trading with the shares of Bercman in the Nasdaq Tallinn Stock Exchange’s multilateral trading facility First North earlier than indicated in the company description (12.07.2021). The first trading day is 06.07.2021.


Additional information:

Mart Suurkask

Bercman Technologies AS, CEO

Tel: +37253402902

E-mail: mart.suurkask@bercman.com