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Published: 2023-05-24 15:05:51 CEST
Nasdaq Riga
Announcement from the exchange

Bank of Latvia has received SIA "VEF KOMUNIKĀCIJU SERVISS" application for permission to express the takeover bid of the shares of AS "VEF"

On 23.05.2023 Bank of Latvia has received SIA VEF KOMUNIKĀCIJU SERVISS application to receive permission for expressing the takeover bid for AS “VEF" shares in accordance with the Share Buyback Law Article 14, paragraph 1.

1. Company, registration number, legal address and webpage:

AS "VEF" (registration no. 40003001328, legal address – Brīvības gatve 214, Rīga, LV-1039, webpage: https://asvef.lv/).

2. Information about the Offeror:

SIA "VEF KOMUNIKĀCIJU SERVISS" (registration no. 40003514685, legal address – Brīvības gatve 214, Rīga, LV-1039).

3. The price of one share, according to prospectus, is set at: 1.78 EUR.

4. Term of the takeover bid: 14 (fourteen) days, from the day on which prospectus is published on the webpage of AS “Nasdaq Riga”.

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