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Published: 2024-05-15 17:00:00 CEST
Notification on material event

Circular for the mandatory takeover bid to buy up the shares of AB Snaigė has been approved

AB Snaigė informs that on 14 May 2024 the Financial Market Supervisory Committee of the Bank of Lithuania has approved the circular of the non-competitive mandatory takeover bid submitted by EDS INVEST 3 UAB, intended for the buy up of the remaining 3.434.834 ordinary registered shares of AB Snaigė, in order to delist them from trading on the regulated market AB Nasdaq Vilnius.

In the circular of the mandatory takeover bid submitted to the Bank of Lithuania, the price for one share of AB Snaigė to be paid by the bidder UAB EDS INVEST is EUR 0.13. This price consists of the weighted average of the market price of the shares for the 6 months prior to the date of public announcement of the decision of AB Snaigė board on the intention to delist the shares from the regulated market (i.e. from 21 September 2023 to 21 March 2024, inclusive).

The start date of the implementation of the mandatory takeover bid is the fourth working day following the approval of the Circular, i.e. 20 May 2024. The duration of the implementation of the mandatory takeover bid shall be 15 (fifteen) calendar days.

The buying of shares will be carried out through the Official Bidding Market of AB Nasdaq Vilnius, with UAB FMI Orion Securities as intermediary. Shareholders wishing to respond to mandatory takeover bid and sell their shares may contact any financial brokerage firm or credit institution operating in Lithuania and submit an order to sell their shares in accordance with the procedure agreed with the relevant financial brokerage firm or credit institution.

General manager
Darius Varnas
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