Published: 2020-11-30 08:32:00 CET
iZafe Group AB
Company Announcement

Subscription price determined for iZafe's warrant TO 8 B

The subscription price for warrant TO 8 B iZafe Group AB (“iZafe” or “the Company”) has been set at SEK 3.30 in accordance with the applicable option terms. One (1) warrant TO 8 B entitles the holder to subscribe for one (1) B share in iZafe. Subscription of Class B shares with the support of warrants can take place from and including 4 December 2020 to and including 18 December 2020. If all warrants of series TO 8 B are exercised, the Company will receive SEK 9,445,000 before issue costs.

Conditions in summary

  • Subscription period: 4 - 18 December 2020 (subscription takes place through simultaneous cash payment).
  • Number of warrants: 2,862,129 warrants of series TO 8 B.
  • Subscription price: The holder of warrants has the right to subscribe for one new B share in iZafe for each warrant at the subscription price of SEK 3.30 per share.
  • Issue volume: When full exercise of all warrants, SEK 9,445,026 is added to iZafe.
  • Last day for trading in warrants: 16 December 2020.

Subscription price determined for iZafes warrant TO 8 B.pdf