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Published: 2021-11-09 09:00:46 CET
Elmo Rent
Company Announcement

ELMO Rent starts cooperating with Telia in bringing 5G technology to a remote-controlled car

The remote-controlled ELMO car connected to the Telia 5G router can be seen at the Digital Hub conference on November 10 in the Creative Hub premises. The event will attract leading figures of companies creating the future of the IT field, and Telia Company CEO Allison Kirkby will also attend the event.

ELMO Rent has been cooperating with Telia since 2013, when a solution was developed to open the vehicle doors with the help of an SMS sent by the customer. Keeping up with the times has brought ELMO's data communication to 4G by now, with the help of which ELMO's remote-controlled car is also moving successfully today. The next logical step for the company is to test 5G technology with Telia and integrate it with an innovative remote control system.

According to Telia 5G program manager Margus Krupp, the cooperation with ELMO Rent is one of the first real examples of what exciting opportunities 5G can offer. "We are very pleased to be able to use 5G to promote innovation in Estonia and do it together with a local partner. Hopefully, as a result of this cooperation, we will soon see remote-controlled vehicles in our traffic picture," added Krupp.

The main issue for ELMO Rent at the conference is minimizing the latency between the car and the remote control using the Telia 5G network. So far, the data transfer delay when using the 4G network has been low enough to ensure safe remote control of the car. Using the 5G network the communication connection delay should be even shorter, which will improve the driver's response time.

The idea of remote control as a service is to deliver a car to a customer remotely to his/her door. The customer can then use the car as a regular rental car and end the rental session anywhere. The operator then remotely takes the car to the next customer. Ultimately, it allows you to serve a larger customer base with a smaller fleet, and to minimize the time it takes to deliver a vehicle to the customer's door.

The service of bringing the vehicle to the customer is in fact a solution that already works in the company today, when usually the operator takes the vehicle (driving the car himself) to the customer. According to ELMO Rent founder Enn Laansoo, Jr., coming out with the car's remote control service is a logical and convenient step for both the customer and ELMO. "As the concept of bringing the car to the door has been very well received, switching from the operator sitting in a car to a remote control system will be a commercially smooth step. The ELMO team is excited about the positive impact of 5G on the car remote control.


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Enn Laansoo, Jr.

Founder and Chairman of the Advisory Board