Published: 2018-08-31 09:34:40 CEST
Rīgas autoelektroaparātu rūpnīca
Financial Statement Release

JSC "Rigas autoelektroaparatu rupnica" interim report 01.01.2018-30.06.2018

JSC “Rīgas autoelektroaparātu rūpnīca” business is renting and management of its real estate property. Negotiations with potential tenants are ongoing, seeking to rent out more areas to one tenant.


Net turnover of the enterprise in 6 months of 2018 is 8,0 thousand EUR.

The result of economic activities in this period is loss 61,5 thousand EUR.


In the attachment:

Interim report for the period 01.01.2018-30.06.2018.




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