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Published: 2022-11-30 14:17:12 CET
Changes in share capital and votes

The first day of trading with new shares of J.Molner AS is 01.12.2022

Given that due to technical reasons the increase of J.Molner AS (registry code: 16579077, hereinafter J.Molner) was registered in the Commercial Register later than expected i.e. on 28.11.2022, the trading with additional shares of J.Molner shall commence on 01.12.2022. For the sake of clarity, this only concerns those shares of J.Molner that belong to the major shareholder of J.Molner and it does not affect the shares that have been distributed to the investors during the public offering and that are already admitted to trading.

On 09.11.2022 the Supervisory Board of J.Molner decided to increase the share capital of J.Molner by EUR 86,001.00 and to issue 86,001 new shares to AS LHV Pank to enable the repayment of borrowed shares to the majority shareholder of J.Molner that were used for settlement purposes in the initial public offering. The increase of share capital was registered in the Commercial Register on 28.11.2022. Therefore, the trading with new shares of J.Molner on Nasdaq Tallinn stock exchange’s multilateral trading facility First North can commence later than the 22.11.2022 referred in the Company Description.

The first trading day of the new shares is 01.12.2022.

         For additional information please contact:
         Jason Grenfell-Gardner
         J.Molner AS
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