Published: 2020-03-19 07:08:40 CET
Valmieras stikla škiedra
Inside information

Information about the possible impact of coronavirus (COVID-19)

AS VALMIERAS STIKLA ŠĶIEDRA (Registration No.: 40003031676, legal address: Cempu iela 13, Valmiera, LV-4201) (the Company) would like to announce that manufacturing processes take place as usual and according to the manufacturing plan, and all supplies of raw and other materials are being delivered without any interruptions.

In the meantime, the Company is maintaining an active exchange of information with customers, suppliers and respective governmental bodies to ensure a timely response to possible changes in the current situation. The Company is prepared to make swift changes in its manufacturing portfolio to supply European customers and substitute imports from Asia and other third countries.

To ensure employee and public health, the Company has taken preventive measures to reduce the risk of virus spread. Employees have been asked to be prudent and implement recommendations from the Disease Prevention and Control Centre and the Ministry of Health.

Employees have been provided with cleaning and disinfection agents, facilities are being cleaned and disinfected with greater frequency, employees have been asked to keep their distance and avoid physical contact with other persons, and to use IT solutions to hold remote meetings and maintain communication. Currently, all business trips have been cancelled, and all employees who have returned from other countries are in 14-day isolation: working from home, extending their annual leave, requesting a sick leave or unpaid vacation, if no other options are available. The Company does not have any positive cases of coronavirus.

Security measures and procedures for cooperation partners have been implemented, as their arrival to the company is unavoidable to ensure continued production. The movement and duration of stay of partners on the premises of the Company are limited, and means of protection and disinfection are provided to them.

As to employment, we are still recruiting employees to fill vacancies. All job seekers are invited to submit their applications and discuss employment opportunities remotely; the first round of interviews is carried out by phone.

Although the market is subject to uncertainty and limited predictability, the Company is currently forecasting stable demand and sales of high silica content products, but a short-term negative impact on sales of the other products. The Company sees opportunities to strengthen its position in the European market. Meanwhile, currently it is not possible to assess the medium and long-term impact on the Company’s performance.

The management is closely monitoring the internal and external situation, and is ready to take countermeasures. AS VALMIERAS STIKLA ŠĶIEDRA will continue to provide information about important events and the latest developments at the Company.

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