Published: 2017-08-30 17:26:49 CEST
Major shareholder announcements

Substantial changes in shareholding

As required by § 185(1) of the Securities Market Act, on 30 August 2017 AS Baltika has been informed of following changes in substantial shareholding: with a purchase of new shares on 30 August 2017 KJK Fund Sicav-SIF (on ING Luxembourg S.A. account) shareholding in AS Baltika has increased to 38.90 percentage and E.Miroglio Finance S.A (on Clearstream Banking Luxembourg S.A. account) shareholding has increased to 17.78 percentage. With a disposal of shares on 30 August 2017 OÜ BMIG shareholding in AS Baltika is 0 percentage and the shareholding under Meelis Milder control (direct holding, immediate family members and entities under his control) is 3.06 percentage.

The Issuer is required to notify the stock exchange about changes in substantial ownership according to § 186 of the Securities Market Act.

Attached to the announcement is the comments from AS Baltika’s Chairman of the Management Board Meelis Milder.

Maigi Pärnik-Pernik
Member of the Management Board