Published: 2019-09-11 07:00:00 CEST
LHV Group
Half Year financial report

LHV Group unaudited reviewed interim report for Q2 and 6 months of 2019

On 16 July 2019, AS LHV Group (LHV) published its unaudited interim report for Q2 and 6 months of 2019 (Unaudited Interim Report).

In connection with preparation of the public offering of its shares, the Unaudited Interim Report was supplemented and reviewed by independent auditors. The amendments did not affect profit for the reporting period, total assets, total liabilities or total equity. The supplemented consolidated interim report for Q2 and 6-months of 2019 in English accompanied with the report from independent auditors in English and Estonian (the Reviewed Interim Report) as well as translation of the interim report into Estonian language are appended to this announcement and available on the website of LHV at The supplements made in the Reviewed Interim Report are described in Note 1 of the report. The Reviewed Interim Report replaces the Unaudited Interim Report and amendments made relate to:

  • correction of comparative period in the Condensed Consolidated Statement of Changes in Equity (previously 31.12.2018, now 30.06.2018);
  • inclusion of detailed description of new accounting standard IFRS 16 applied from 1 January 2019 (Note 1);
  • inclusion of 6m 2019 and 6m 2018 period results in segment reporting (Note 2);
  • inclusion of additional Notes (Note 20 Tangible and intangible assets; Note 21 Subordinated debts; Note 22 Loans and advances to customers).  


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