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Published: 2023-08-30 10:21:46 CEST
Nasdaq Riga
Announcement from the exchange

Admission to trading of additional SIA Marijas 2 bonds on Nasdaq Baltic First North

According to the decision made by Nasdaq Riga on August 30, 2023, additional 3 000 SIA Marijas 2 bonds with total nominal value EUR 3 000 000 are going to be admitted to trading on Baltic First North next to the already listed EUR 29 000 000 SIA Marijas 2 bonds as of August 31, 2023:

Issuer's full name SIA Marijas 2
Issuer's short name MARI
Securities ISIN code LV0000802551
Securities maturity date 30.05.2024
Nominal value of one security 1 000 EUR
Number of listed securities 32 000
Issue size EUR 32 000 000
Fixed annual coupon rate 6.50%
Coupon payments Four times a year, on every
August 30, November 30, February 29 and May 30
Orderbook short name MARI065024FA

SIA Marijas 2 EUR 29 000 000 bonds (ISIN code: LV0000802551) were initially admitted to trading on Nasdaq Baltic First North as of June 14, 2023.

SIA Marijas 2 Base Prospectus of Bond Offer Program is available here and Final Terms for the 7th tranche here.


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