Published: 2014-08-05 08:00:00 CEST
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Chinese Health Associations give consensus clause on early gastric cancer screening with GastroPanel entity

Biohit Oyj Stock Exchange Release August 5, 2014 at 9 a.m. local time (EEST)

Chinese health associations The Chinese Society of Digestive Endoscopy and The Society of Ontological Endoscopy of Chinese Anti-Cancer Association have given a consensus clause regarding screening, endoscopic diagnosis and treatment of early gastric cancer in China.

The consensus was introduced by Prof. Li Zhaoshen in Hunan Provincial Gastroenterology & Endoscopy Medical Association Annual Meeting in July 2014. The consensus was also published in July in the following journals: Chinese Journal of Digestion, Chinese Journal of Gastroenterology and Gastro-Disease Journal.  This consensus will also be introduced in Chinese National Gastroenterology Annual Meeting in September 2014.

Consensus clause recommends serum screening with Pepsinogen-1, Pepsinogen-2, Gastrin-17 and Helicobacter pylori tests that together form GastroPanel® entity.

GastroPanel is a test for the primary diagnosis of dyspepsia. It has two main indications: 1) First line diagnosis of patients with dyspeptic symptoms (upper abdominal discomfort) and 2) population screening to identify those at risk of gastric cancer. Used for both indications, the test helps to allocate gastroscopies, which in turn saves healthcare resources. (Read more: Appendix.)

CEO Semi Korpela, Biohit Oyj: ‘Millions of Chinese people potentially benefit from this consensus in the diagnostics of dyspeptic patients.  This consensus about the novel GastroPanel approach in gastrointestinal diagnostics clearly shows the forerunner attitude of the Chinese health associations.’


Chinese Journal of Digestion Volume 34 Number 7 July 2014 (ISSN 0254-1432)

Chinese Journal of Gastroenterology Vol. 19 No. 7 2014 (ISSN 1008-7125)

Chinese Journal of Digestive Endoscopy Volume 31 Number 7 July 2014 (ISSN 1007-5232)


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