Published: 2016-12-09 15:38:43 CET
Trigon Property Development
Company Announcement

Detail plan covering the area between Niidu street, Ehitajate road and Haru road adopted

AS Trigon Property Development announces that Pärnu city government adopted with its resolution no. 664 dated 05.12.2016 the detail plan of the area between Niidu street, Ehitajate road and Haru road, which covers the properties belonging to AS Trigon Property Development.

Adopting of the detail plan annuls the detail plans previously drafted for that area: Niidu str 9 and Niidu str 11 detail plan (adopted with Pärnu city government resolution no 88 on 21.02.2005) and Niidu str 9, 9a ja 11 detail plan (adopted with Pärnu city council decision no 74 on 18.09.2014).

The need to arrange new planning derives from the preference of small industrial plots and from the possibility to merge new plots with each other. The previously planned land use (principal purpose of land use) will remain the same according to the intended detail plan. Forming of new land plots will be carried out in the area and the percentage distribution of the principal purpose of land use set out by the comprehensive plan will be re-distributed, also the transport land principal purpose is added for the purpose of managing the area.

The materials of the adopted detail plan have been made available on the Pärnu city website:

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