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Published: 2023-11-24 11:13:39 CET
Company Announcement

SIA L. J. LINEN announces on early redemption of the outstanding bonds

In accordance with SIA L. J. LINEN, registration number: 40003669025 (hereinafter the “Issuer”), the Terms of the Bonds Issue dated 13 December 2022, ISIN: LV0000850071, (hereinafter “Terms of Issue”) clause 4.2.16, Issuer announces on early redemption of the outstanding bonds.

On 22 November 2023, the Board of the Issuer decided to execute a call option with respect to EUR 2,000,000 Bond issue (ISIN code LV0000850071), i.e. to redeem in full amount issued bonds on 22 December 2023 with the record date on 21 December 2023. As the repayment will take place before the maturity date, the bondholders will receive 102% nominal value of the bonds as well as accrued and unpaid interest.

The decision was made taking into account the approved increase in the credit line from Bank’s side and the reduced financing costs of the credit line. As the external financing needs for the given period are achieved, the Board of the Issuer has decided to repay the outstanding bonds.

About L. J. LINEN:

LINEN is engaged in the sale of animal by-products and the provision of a tailored agricultural supply chain to market leaders. LINEN provides a seamless, full-cycle door-to-door sales and delivery service - the company is as a bridge between raw material producers and producers of animal feed, biofuels and human food. LINEN’s shareholders have in-depth knowledge and expertise in the sale of these components, gained in almost 30 years of experience and working with clients in 46 markets. The company is a supplier to some of the world's largest animal feed manufacturers and is one of the largest exporters of these ingredients to developing countries.

         Monta Tija Brakovska
         SIA “L. J. LINEN”
         Treasury manager
         Phone: (+371) 29942431
         Email: monta.brakovska@ljlinen.com