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Published: 2022-01-18 10:04:27 CET
Elmo Rent
Chang. board/management/certified advisors

Change in the Management Board of ELMO Rent AS

By the decision of the Supervisory Board of ELMO Rent AS, Allan Leppikson will become a member of the Management Board of the company, who has so far been responsible for operating the company's vehicle fleet. His term is indefinite. Julia Nekrasova resigns from the board.  

"Considering the development trends of ELMO Rent - merging with Elektritakso, rapidly growing the vehicle fleet and the need to optimize maintenance and repair processes, bringing Allan to the Management Board is an important step in the current development stage of the company," said Enn Laansoo, Jr. Chairman of the Advisory Board. "Julia's contribution over the last two years, has been very important in getting us where we are today. At present, the company's management board has one member, but in the company's new development plans (entering foreign markets, launching the taxi service in Tallinn), it is planned to increase the number of members and involve know-how in merging companies and entering new markets. ”  

Allan Leppikson has worked in the company as an operations manager since 2021 and has built a 10-member team that operates an environmentally friendly fleet of more than 120 vehicles. He has previously worked for 10 years at Scanpix Baltic OÜ, a subsidiary of Postimees Grupp AS, as a foreign relations and project manager. Allan Leppikson does not own any shares in ELMO Rent AS, but the company's internal option program extends to him.  

ELMO Rent AS is established and operating in Estonia, whose main field of activity is the provision of environmentally friendly vehicle sharing services and the development, launch and scaling of related environmentally friendly and innovative technologies, such as the fleet IT operating system, car controller and remote control vehicle.      


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Enn Laansoo, Jr.  

Chairman of the Board