Published: 2020-04-24 15:10:32 CEST
Rīgas autoelektroaparātu rūpnīca
Decisions of general meeting

CORRECTION: AS „Rīgas autoelektroaparātu rūpnīca” annual shareholders' meeting draft decisions

Changes 6.1. and 6.2.

Draft decisions of annual shareholders' meeting of AS "Rīgas autoelektroaparātu rūpnīca"

Draft decisions

of Annual Shareholders’ Meeting of AS “Rīgas autoelektroaparātu rūpnīca” to be held on April 26, 2020


1. Report of Board on the performance of 2019

    Approve the report of the Board on the performance of 2019.

2. Report of Council

    Approve the report of the Council.

3. Approval of Annual report of the year 2019

   Approve the Annual report of the year 2019.

4. On shareholders’ equity

   Take into account the information on the value of immovable property. Leave to the competence of the Management Board decision weather to revalue the real estate.

5. On Certified auditor for the year 2020

To enter into a contract with “Certified auditors’ office Gatis Sviklis Lāsma Svikle”, Ltd (License No 181) for auditing the Annual report of 2020 for remuneration 2300 EUR plus VAT.

6.Approval of  the remuneration policy for Board and Council members

6.1. Approval of the 2020  remuneration policy for Board and Council members:         

 -  fixed non-variable remuneration of two minimum monthly salariesfor Board and Council members, providing for a factor of 1,1 for the chairs of  Board and Council;                                     

  -no variable remuneration for the Council and Board members and their chairmen, including cash bonuses, shares and others. (You can get to know the full text on our homa page  )

 6.2. Approval the decision not to award the remuneration to the members of the Board and Council and their chairmen for 2019.                                                                                        

  In March 2020 limitation arrising from the spead of the coronavirus have been put in placein the Republic of Latvia and in other countries.The development of the situation is not predictable therefore an economic uncertaintyprevails.The management of the constantly contemplating the situation.In 2020, even with the most optimistic coincidence and the most successfull economic activity, the Joint Stock Company „Rigas autoelektroaparātu rūpnīca” has decided not to remunerate the members of the Management Board and Council.



 Board of JSC „Rīgas autoelektroaparātu rūpnīca”



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