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Published: 2022-03-28 20:30:00 CEST
Bercman Technologies
Annual report

Bercman Technologies AS audited consolidated annual report of 2021

The Management Board of Bercman Technologies AS submits the consolidated annual report for the year of 2021. Financial results remained unchanged compared to the preliminary disclosure on 28. March 2022.  

Bercman CEO Mart Suurkask said that the fiscal year 2021 ended for the company with a excpected loss: "Bercman is in a phase of rapid growth and investments done during the fiscal year of 2021 will bear fruit during following years". Suurkask said that the results were affected by the change in business model - in export markets company started operating through distributors and direct sales activities were continued only in Estonia. "Finding suitable distribution partners and launching pilot projects has been more time consuming than excpected due to the regulatory details to be approved prior entering the export markets. The preliminary work done during 2021 will be positively reflected in this years sales turnover".   

Consolidated and audited annual report is attatched to this stock exhange announcement and made available on the Bercman Technologies AS website www.bercman.com.

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         Mart Suurkask
         Member of the Board