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Published: 2023-01-10 09:00:00 CET
Company Announcement

J. Molner AS executes planned reorganization transaction

As of 9 January 2023 the sales agreement between Jason Grenfell-Gardner and J.Molner AS in relation to the 100% shareholding in the company The J. Molner Company, LLC (a Delaware (US) limited liability company with registry code: 6153067) took effect. From the moment of becoming effective the whole shareholding in The J. Molner Company, LLC is owned by J.Molner AS.


The transaction price is USD 500 and the transaction forms part of the a number of transactions aimed at setting in place a group structure of J.Molner AS as described in the Company Description. As of today The J. Molner Company LLC has no economic activities, material assets, or employees and the purpose of obtaining this entity is to establish for J.Molner AS a sales unit on the US market. The above also justifies the price of the transaction.


         For additional information please contact:
         Jason Grenfell-Gardner
         J.Molner AS
         Management Board member
         +372 536 00 346