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Published: 2023-11-14 16:16:06 CET
Inside information

INDEXO publishes its planned growth plan until 2027

The pension management company IPAS INDEXO (hereinafter – INDEXO) published its planned growth model until 2027. The upcoming INDEXO Bank plans to establish considerable presence in the market by the end of 2027 and plans to be profitable from the second year on. By the end of 2027, INDEXO plans, with the new capital, to attract around 118 thousand clients to INDEXO Bank, while the planned volume of issued loans in 2027 is 362 million.   

The planned growth plan of INDEXO is available in the annex to this announcement and on the INDEXO website: https://indexo.lv/en/for-investors/

Before obtaining the license and starting the bank's operations, INDEXO plans to raise 12.5 million euros in a new share issue to ensure the necessary investments for lending, reserves and the growth of operations. It is expected that the new share issue will take place in December of this year and be completed at the beginning of next year, with the share price of the new issue set in the range of 11 to 15 euros.   

Disclaimer: Approval from the European Central Bank is required for obtaining a banking license. New share issue is subject to approval of the issue prospectus by the Bank of Latvia. The opinions contained herein regarding estimated or anticipated future results or future activities are forward-looking statements which reflect current analysis of existing trends, information and plans. Forward-looking statements are subject to a number of risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results to differ from the plans and estimates.   


INDEXO is an asset management company licensed by the Bank of Latvia, which offers modern 2nd and 3rd pillar pension saving plans in Latvia. INDEXO is the fastest growing pension management company in Latvia with more than 124 thousand customers and more than EUR 840 million in assets under management.  

INDEXO was established in 2017 by a group of 30 experienced business representatives and managers with an aim to fight for a better financial environment in Latvia. INDEXO vision is to become a financial services group, offering modern and customized services that empower Latvian people to take care of their financial wellbeing.  

Additional information is available at www.indexo.lv.  


         Contact information:
         Ieva Bauma
         IPAS "Indexo"
         Board Member, Marketing Manager
         Email: ieva.bauma@indexo.lv
         Phone: +371 28636789

INDEXO planned growth plan until 2027.pdf