Published: 2021-07-01 15:47:32 CEST
Sakret Holdings
Announcement from First North

Announcement on the noteholders’ voting results of JSC SAKRET HOLDINGS

On 19 June 2021, the Company published a notice on the noteholders’ meeting in order to obtain the noteholders' consent that a new electronic communications network (optical cable) of SIA “Tet” (reg. no. 40003052786) is being installed in the real estate “Ritvari”, Rumbula, Stopiņi district, owned by SIA “Sakret”.

In accordance with the Collateral Agent's voting results attached as an annex to this Announcement, the majority of noteholders have voted “FOR”, thus the noteholders have agreed to the Company's announcement of June 19, 2021.

      Andris Vanags

     Chairman of the Council
     +371 67803650


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