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Published: 2023-04-27 09:35:05 CEST
Punktid Technologies
Company Announcement

Punktid Technologies AS introduced a new website on the Drupal 9 platform.

“One big goal has been achieved: thanks to the capital raised in the public offering of shares, a new website on the Drupal 9 platform has been launched. On the new platform, development is many times more optimal and efficient, allows significantly faster expansion into new markets and ensures a very good user experience,” commented Hannes Niid, a member of the management board of Punktid Technologies AS (hereinafter: Punktid).

Having used the Drupal 7 platform for many years, the Punktid team and manager Hannes Niid saw that in order to carry out greater innovation, it was necessary to launch a new platform. “Already in 2020, when we could feel a great increase in popularity and momentum on digital game purchase platforms, we realized that we need to invest significantly more in the future in order to stay at the top of the competition and expand into new markets. The launch was also our main goal of raising capital, because a good platform that would serve customers in the best way for years requires a lot of investment. We had to build the entire page and system completely from scratch, because there are still very few pages in the world with a similar architecture. The goal was to make as few compromises as possible and do our best to create a platform with the best user experience,” explained Hannes Niid.

The biggest advantage of the new Drupal 9 system is the ability to translate into different languages, thanks to which expansion into new markets is significantly easier – the whole process takes a few days (compared to the previous system, which took months). Expanding into new markets used to be one of the most difficult and time-consuming steps, as translation activities required a lot of time. With the new D9 platform, it’s easier because we can expand into new countries faster. In addition, with the new system, it is now possible to sell products in different currencies, which attracts more customers from different countries where currencies other than euro are used. In the old system, it was not possible to use other currencies.

The website is nor more user-friendly – it has become easier for visitors to navigate the website and search for products. As a preliminary work, a thorough audit of the user experience was carried out and many changes were implemented, which make navigation and shopping on the platform a lot easier.

The new website can handle a much higher load thanks to infrastructure changes and source code refactoring. As a result, we can serve a larger number of users at the same time, and the time of errors occurring on our website becomes significantly shorter, which makes the bounce rate (percentage of website visitors who leave the website after viewing our page) lower and helps us to offer our customers the best possible opportunities.

“One of the main big changes in our development department is the ease of development associated with the new platform – creating campaigns and adding products takes 75% less time for website administrators. This means that developers and administrators now have more time to engage in activities that help grow revenue. We also made changes to the system that allow you to build features that were not possible on the previous platform. The new platform offers plenty of new possibilities and options, so we can creatively choose which functions we want to develop and in which direction we move,” says Hannes Niid.

Before launching the new website, the security of the website was also tested(the tester was the recognized company Cyberarch Consulting OÜ) on the new platform, which resulted in the grade “A” or “Excellent”. Excellent security gives confidence that the data of Punktid’s customers is kept safe and third parties are prevented from accessing the data.


Key benefits with the launch of the new Drupal 9 platform:

  • Adding products is up to 5 times faster for website administrators, thanks to which the entire voluminous work can be solved faster and we can invest more time in the development of the new website to make it even more efficient and user-friendly.
  • With the use of Drupal 9, the development of the campaign page is automated. It takes 75% less time, i.e the process has become 400% faster.
  • Expanding into new markets becomes many times easier – previously, the translation work before entering a new country took more than a month, but now the whole process takes only a few days (depending on the language) and is significantly cheaper.
  • Multi-currency options – you can pay for products in different currencies on the website. In the past, we have seen that many purchases are not completed because the payment is made in euros.
  • The convenient and user-friendly platform has already received very good feedback. The journey of searching and buying a product has become significantly easier and faster on the website.
  • The structure of the Drupal 0 system is more durable and provides the opportunity to scale the entire website faster and better.
  • The new system has a built-in so-called marketplace solution, where our cooperation partners (game sellers) can immediately adjust prices in order to stand out from cheaper ones and thus be better in competition. In addition, more games can be sold at once and the availability of codes can be improved.

In total, we invested €351,000 or 44% of the IPO money involved in the development of the new platform.

https://punktid.com/sites/default/files/uploaded/Final.ettevotte-kirjeldus.Punktid.2022-03-28.pdf PAGE 36. With the amount promised in the IPO prospectus, the calculation is approximate, containing only about 5% difference, which was mainly related to inflation problems and additional works.


For more information, please contact:

Hannes Niid

Member of the board of Punktid Technologies AS

E-mail: invest@punktid.com