Published: 2020-04-03 08:31:51 CEST
Nasdaq Stockholm AB
First North Growth Market - Equities

Oncology Venture A/S receives observation status (147/20)

On March 31, 2020, Oncology Venture A/S (the “Company”) published its annual report for 2019 with information on the Company’s financial situation.

On that same day, the Company published another press release with information about a convertible note program of SEK 100 million that the Company has established.

The rules of First North Growth Market state that a listed company can be given observation status if there is a material adverse uncertainty in respect of the issuer’s financial position or if any other circumstance exists that result in a substantial uncertainty regarding the issuer or the pricing of its financial instruments.

With reference to the above, Nasdaq Stockholm AB has decided that the shares (OV, ISIN code DK0060732477, order book ID 123713) and the warrants (OV TO 1, ISIN code DK0061139581, order book ID 176918 and OV TO 2, ISIN code DK0061153657, order book ID 189141) of Oncology Venture A/S shall be given observation status. 

For further information about this exchange notice please contact Issuer Surveillance, telephone +46 8 405 60 00.