Published: 2020-12-04 17:18:16 CET
AB Novaturas
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„Novaturas“comment regarding publication from December 3 “The court did not suspend Novaturas obligations to GetJet Airlines“

We can confirm that the dispute between Novaturas and GetJet Airlines regarding the fulfillment of contractual obligations has been referred to the court. Novaturas ability to book a regular number of flights during the pandemic this year was limited by force majeure, as state-imposed restrictions on entry and exit prevented certain destinations from operating at all. Novaturas, having referred the dispute to the court, hopes that the court will confirm this assessment of the situation and restore the balance of contractual obligations between the parties. The court has now accepted the lawsuit and will hear it soon.

By order of Tuesday, December 1, the court ruled on the need to apply interim measures to suspend certain clauses of the contract pending a court decision. The court did not assess in any way whether Novaturas could be granted immunity from fines. According to the information currently available, the court considered that the adoption of a court decision favorable to Novaturas would not complicate its execution. For this reason, the court did not grant interim measures and temporary restrictions to GetJet Airlines, at least at this stage of the dispute.

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