Published: 2021-09-03 08:21:35 CEST
Ekspress Grupp
Company Announcement

Entering into a contract for the sale of Printall shares

In accordance with the resolution of the Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders of AS Ekspress Grupp from 13 July 2021, AS Ekspress Grupp and OÜ Trükitung concluded a share sales agreement on 3rd September 2021, according to which Ekspress Grupp will sell all shares that it owns in Printall (registry code 10092701) to Trükitung OÜ under the following basic conditions:

  1. The share sales agreement is based on enterprise value of EUR 10 million, i.e. as at the closing available cash will be added and loan obligations will be deducted from the aforesaid amount;
  2. EUR 1 million of the sales price will depend on the results of the financial year 2025 of Printall, including the deferred part of the sales price in the amount of EUR 700,000 which will be paid after the financial results of Printall in 2025 are known;
  3. Ekspress Grupp and Printall will continue their cooperation.

According to the preliminary estimate, the transaction will result in the reduction of the issuer’s assets by EUR 7.2 million and liabilities by EUR 5.0 million, and the one-off net loss will be EUR 2.2 million. The transaction is not considered as a significant transaction according to the rules and regulations of the NASDAQ Tallinn Stock Exchange “Requirements for Issuers”. Ekspress Grupp confirms that the members of the Group’s Management and Supervisory Boards, other than Hans Luik, are not personally interested in the transaction. The transaction will be completed during the third quarter.

Additional information
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CFO of the Group
AS Ekspress Grupp
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