Published: 2021-03-18 16:28:57 CET
INVL Baltic Farmland
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Audited results of INVL Baltic Farmland group of 2020

The audited consolidated net profit of INVL Baltic Farmland, AB Group and the Company amounted to EUR 895 thousand, the revenue was EUR 649 thousand for the period of 2020 (for 2019 – consolidated net profit was EUR 1.136 million, revenue was EUR 645 thousand).

The initial forecast of INVL Baltic Farmland for year 2020 was income of EUR 652 thousand and net profit of EUR 390 thousand.

INVL Baltic Farmland had revenue of EUR 649 thousand in 2020 and earned unaudited net profit of EUR 895 thousand for the year. Profit was forecasted under the assumption that the value of agricultural land holdings in the balance sheet would not change and the change in the value of trade receivables by the buyers was not assessed, but a valuation conducted by the company Matininkai showed that land holding value had increased by 4.4% to EUR 15.36 million compared to previous year, or EUR 4.96 thousand per hectare. In addition, EUR 1 thousand impairment of trade receivables was recognized and due to decrease of overdue debts during  the year the administration fee was increased by EUR 50 thousand. Excluding these non-estimated factors and the related income tax expense, INVL Baltic Farmland's profit would be EUR 391 thousand. Therefore it can be stated that INVL Baltic Farmland has accomplished the calculated profit forecasts for 2020.

Additional information:

INVL Baltic Farmland, a company that invests in agricultural land, had revenue of EUR 649 thousand in 2020 and an audited net profit of EUR 895 thousand for the year. Compared to 2019, the company’s revenue increased 0.6%, while its net profit decreased 21.2%.

INVL Baltic Farmland’s equity at the end of last year was EUR 14.015 million or EUR 4.34 per share. Equity per share increased 6.7% during the year, also taking into account the dividends paid out during 2020.

According to a valuation of INVL Baltic Farmland’s assets at the end of 2020, the value of its land holdings increased 4.4% during the year to EUR 15.36 million, or EUR 4 960 per hectare, assessing the total area of ​​the managed plot. The valuation was performed by Corporation Matininkai.

In its operating forecast for last year, the company had planned revenue of EUR 652 thousand and a consolidated net profit of EUR 390 thousand.

The forecast assumed that the value of the agricultural land on the balance sheet would not change and did not consider any change in debt receivables. Eliminating the factors not taken into account in the forecast as well as related profit-tax expenses, INVL Baltic Farmland’s net profit would be EUR 391 thousand. Therefore, it can be said that INVL Baltic Farmland met the profit targets which were set for 2020.

“For the last several years the country’s agriculture sector has faced complicated climate conditions and volatile grain-culture procurement prices, but 2020 was really a fantastic year for Lithuanian crop farmers. With favourable weather conditions in the country, farmers set new records for grain crop harvests and yields, and as a result last year’s results were better than expected,” said Justė Gumovskienė, the director of INVL Farmland Management, which administers INVL Baltic Farmland’s land.

The board of INVL Baltic Farmland proposes approving a dividend of EUR 0.15 per share for 2020, allocating a total of EUR 484 thousand for dividends.

“Setting aside the annual revaluation of assets, which has a significant impact on earnings, the company's operating performance in 2020 was successful and it thus has accumulated free funds sufficient to pay larger dividends than those envisaged in its dividend policy,” said Alvydas Banys, the chairman of the board of INVL Baltic Farmland. A decision on the payment of dividends will be considered at the ordinary general meeting of shareholders to be held on 9 April this year.

The company’s board is proposing also that shareholders approve an authorisation for INVL Baltic Farmland to acquire its own shares. The proposed minimum share price is EUR 3 and the maximum EUR 5. Permission for the company to acquire its own shares would remain in effect for 18 months from the date of the decision.

Based on the rental agreements in effect, INVL Baltic Farmland plans during 2021 to receive EUR 665 thousand of revenue and earn a consolidated net profit of EUR 385 thousand. The operating forecasts assume that during this year the value of land holdings will not change, there will be no land purchase or sale transactions, and there will be no changes in provisions for receivable amounts or impact of tenant debts on the size of the administration fee.

INVL Baltic Farmland is listed on the Nasdaq Vilnius stock exchange. Its subsidiaries own approximately 3 thousand hectares of agricultural land in Lithuania which is rented out to agriculture companies and farmers.

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Director Egle Surpliene


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