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Published: 2022-11-16 20:31:38 CET
Company Announcement

Construction of the first AdBlue® testing laboratory in Latvia completed in Olaine

CrossChem's new product AdBlue® EVO implementation project, which is being developed in cooperation with Norway Grants, has reached the finish line - an AdBlue® laboratory has been established at the main production site in Olaine, which will allow a leading AdBlue® manufacturer in the Baltics to carry out analyses right here in Latvia. More than EUR 250 thousand have been invested in the laboratory.

Olaine, 2022-11-16 20:31 CET --

For more than a year, CrossChem has been working to introduce a new, high-value product, AdBlue® EVO - a version of AdBlue® that is able to operate at both high and low temperatures and significantly reduces its environmental impact throughout the product life cycle. 

“Despite the economic challenges that have forced manufacturers to slow down in the second half of this year, CrossChem is committed to its development plan, working towards the launch of its new product AdBlue® EVO. A new AdBlue® laboratory has been set up, which will significantly facilitate and accelerate our product development capabilities, as CrossChem tests every batch of AdBlue® produced in the laboratory before the liquid reaches the customer to ensure the quality of the product. The new laboratory will also reduce our operational costs as we will no longer have to send every sample of the product we produce to laboratories abroad - testing can be carried out in-house, reducing transport emissions,” says Ričards Andersons, Chairman of the Management Board of CrossChem.

Over the past six months, intensive work has been carried out at the main production site in Olaine - laboratory facilities have been set up and equipped with the necessary equipment, furniture, materials, reagents and utensils, and staff have been trained. An analytical chemist has also joined the CrossChem team to ensure precise testing procedures and reporting. The CrossChem laboratory will be the only one in the Baltics capable of performing unique chemical analyses related to AdBlue® products?. It will be operational in test mode at the end of the year and will be fully operational after its international accreditation in 2023, allowing the laboratory to provide testing services to all interested parties. 

In total, just under one million euros have been invested in the AdBlue® EVO project, of which EUR 223 thousand has come from the Norway Grants Business and Innovation Programme. In addition to the new AdBlue® laboratory, CrossChem is also building a new production and packaging line as part of the development project. The new product is expected to be launched on the market in the second half of 2023.

SIA CrossChem is a 100% Latvian capital company, which is part of the CrossChem International group - a chain of worldwide chemical product producers and distributors. The basis of the business is the production of sustainable and environmentally friendly products, which, by combining global experience, allows to reduce costs and increase competitiveness. The company produces AdBlue®, AUS40®, liquid fertilizers and automotive products and in the meantime provides a range of services related to these products. 

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