Published: 2021-02-02 17:25:00 CET
Notification on material event

Regarding media report about the selection of the director general of LITGRID AB

In the BNS report, published 2 February 2021 “R. Masiulis won the selection of the head of Litgrid - sources ", it is written that "former Minister of Transport and Communications Rokas Masiulis won the selection of the general director of the electricity transmission company Litgrid implementing strategic state projects ".

LITGRID AB (company code 302564383, registered office Viršuliškių skg. 99B, Vilnius), in response to the publicly announced information regarding the selection of the candidate for the position of the head of LITGRID AB, notifies that the selection process of the director general  of the Company has not been yet completed.

As previously announced during the presentation of the selection process, the Board of LITGRID AB, after evaluating the results of the public selection competition and the recommendation of the Remuneration and Nomination Committee of UAB EPSO-G Group, will make a decision on appointing the manager in the first half of February.

LITGRID AB will inform about the decision of the Board as soon as it is adopted.

The individual authorized by LITGRID AB to provide additional information:
Jurga Eivaitė
Project manager
Communication Division
Phone: +370 613 19977