Published: 2022-09-06 07:30:00 CEST
Know IT AB
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Knowit acquires the management consultants Ascend

Knowit AB (publ.) is acquiring Ascend AB and its sister company Ionic AB with a total of around 60 employees in Stockholm. The companies will become part of Knowit’s business area Insight and strengthen the existing management offer, primarily in the areas Business Technology and Commercial Excellence. The acquisition of Ascend and Ionic supplements Knowit Insight’s offer further1 and contributes to a stronger market position, with a total of around 500 consultants in the Nordic region.

The demand for management consulting supporting companies in the digital transformation using modern technology and taking account of the sustainability aspect is strong and growing. Knowit Insight helps companies and organizations develop and optimize their business models by supporting clients specifically in areas like change management, business strategy, business development, and cybersecurity.

“We are proud and pleased to welcome new colleagues from Ascend and Ionic to us at Knowit Insight. Ascend and the sister company Ionic both strengthen our brand and offer with their high competence and strong client relationships. Knowit’s management consultancy offer and market position are now stronger than ever and we are becoming an even more relevant partner to both existing and new clients, while also being a more attractive employer,” says Carin Strindmark, Head of Knowit Insight.

Ascend and Ionic are active primarily in the private sector, with a focus on supporting companies to achieve greater profitability and higher business value. The companies have established, long-term relationships with several large, global clients, including Ericsson and Sandvik, and have a unique ability to combine strategy with operative execution power. This, combined with high competence in new technology – such as cloud solutions – means that the merger with Knowit creates a unique and stronger offer for both clients and employees.

Ascend was established in 2014 and has had a stable development since then. All four founders will remain in the company after the merger with Knowit.

“We are seeing increased demand for management consultancy services closely associated with new technology. Our clients are increasingly asking for support that combines technical and operative knowledge, with an ability to assist at both a strategic and an operative level. We have a clear ambition to continue developing our companies and offering our clients even better support in their crucial transformations. Therefore, it feels like a natural step to become part of a larger context at Knowit. Ascend and Knowit complement each other well and have similar cultures, values, and visions of building a sustainable and humane society. We look forward to becoming part of Knowit, which is on an exciting growth journey,” says Jonas Nodler, partner and cofounder of Ascend and Ionic. 

The acquisition is estimated to be finalized at the turn of the month September/October and the operations within Ascend and Ionic will gradually be integrated into the Knowit brand.

Financial information

  • The enterprise value for the companies2 initially totals SEK 200 million.
  • Additional consideration can be paid out, conditional upon the EBITDA level for 2022 and 2023 respectively in the acquired entities. The additional consideration is estimated at SEK 50 million, which will also be included in the acquisition balance sheet on the day of acquisition.

1Knowit acquired Capacent in September 2021 and Marketing Clinic in July 2022.

2Ascend Consulting AB and Ionic Consulting AB

For more information, please contact

Carin Strindmark, Head of Knowit Insight, +46(0)70 366 67 17 or carin.strindmark@knowit.se

Marie Björklund, CFO Knowit, +46(0)70 144 98 02 or marie.bjorklund@knowit.se

Christina Johansson, Head of Communications Knowit AB, +46(0)70 542 1734 or christina.johansson@knowit.se

Jonas Nodler, Partner Ascend, +46(0)703 898 525 or jonas.nodler@ascend.se

About Knowit

We are digitalization consultants and a Nordic powerhouse for the digital business models of the future. Our vision is to create a sustainable and humane society through digitalization and innovation. Knowit supports its clients in the digital transformation and stands out among other consultancy firms through its decentralized organization and agile work methods in client assignments. The operations are divided into four business areas – Solutions, Experience, Connectivity, and Insight – which offer services in bespoke system development, digital customer experiences, the internet of things, cloud, cybersecurity, and management consultancy. Competences from several business areas are often combined in client projects.

Knowit was founded in 1990 and, following the acquisition of Cybercom on July 1, 2021, has around 3,800 employees, mainly in the Nordic countries, but also in Poland and Germany. The merger with Cybercom has created new opportunities to take on larger and more complex assignments, primarily within the industry, tech, and telecom sectors. In addition, an even stronger platform is created, from which we offer digital solutions to the sustainability challenges of society. Knowit AB (publ) has been listed on the stock market since 1997 and is currently listed on Nasdaq OMX Stockholm Mid Cap. For more information on Knowit, please visit knowit.eu.

About Ascend and Ionic

Ascend is a Swedish consultancy firm in management consulting with headquarters in Stockholm. Ascend was established in 2014 and currently has around 50 employees, primarily offering services in Business Technology and Commercial Excellence. Ascend’s sister company Ionic has around ten employees strengthening Ascend’s client offer with expertise specifically in technology and cloud transformation. Read more at ascend.se and ionic.se.