Published: 2019-03-08 08:00:00 CET
Company Announcement

Construction contract (R6 commercial building)

Nordecon AS and R6 Arendus OÜ signed a contract for building a new seven-story commercial building in Rotermann City, Tallinn. A new building volume varying in height is planned on the facade of the old office building and the bread factory. Business, restaurant and cafe spaces with direct access from outside have been designed on the ground floor, while the other floors have business and office areas. In addition, the R6 commercial building will have a connecting gallery to the Rotermann 8 building. 2 underground parking floors have been designed, which are accessible by car through existing Rotermann properties. The building has 2 atriums with a closed area of 11,575 m2.

The cost of the project is 15.8 million euros, excl VAT, and the works will be completed in February 2021.

Nordecon ( is a group of construction companies whose core business is construction project management and general contracting in the buildings and infrastructures segment. Geographically the Group operates in Estonia, Ukraine, Finland and Sweden. The parent of the Group is Nordecon AS, a company registered and located in Tallinn, Estonia. The consolidated unaudited revenue of the Group in 2018 was 223 million euros. Currently Nordecon Group employs close to 690 people. Since 18 May 2006 the company's shares have been quoted in the main list of the NASDAQ Tallinn Stock Exchange.

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