Published: 2020-12-21 13:37:21 CET
Baltic Dairy Board
Tender offer

Baltic Dairy Board SIA notice on the extension of the Bond (ISIN LV0000801595) redemption term and a new price offer

The price at which Baltic Dairy Board SIA offers to redeem the Bonds is 750 EUR per Bond. Interest accrued for 2020 will not be added to the Redeemable Bonds.

Every bondholder who owns the Bonds (ISIN LV0000801595) has the opportunity to sell them to Baltic Dairy Board SIA in accordance with the procedure below.


During the period from December 21, 2020 to December 22, 2020 (inclusive), the bondholders have the right to express their willingness to sell the Bonds by sending an e-mail to Baltic Dairy Board SIA:, which includes the following information:


1. name of the bondholder (for legal entities), name, surname (for individuals);

2. bondholder registration number (for legal entities), personal identification code (for individuals);

3. bondholder’s contact information;

4. the number of Bonds offered for sale.


Baltic Dairy Board SIA will not consider and will not satisfy offers where the proposed Bond sale price is higher than 750 EUR per bond.

Baltic Dairy Board SIA will contact each bondholder, whose offer will be approved to agree on the execution of the Bond redemption, with the settlement date until December 29, 2020.

         Kaspars Kazāks
         Member of the Board
         Phone number: +371 26010072