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Published: 2023-06-07 15:18:36 CEST
Mainor Ülemiste
Annual report

Mainor Ülemiste AS Audited Consolidated Annual Report 2022

The audited consolidated annual report of 2022 were approved on 06 June 2023 by the Annual General Meeting Of Shareholders Of Mainor Ülemiste AS.

In 2022, the entity continued to develop Ülemiste City office campus, including the construction of new and modernization of already existing buildings, renting premises, providing tenants with necessary services and developing these services, preparing new real estate projects.

The consolidated turnover of Mainor Ülemiste AS in 2022 amounted to 16,244 thousand euros (2021: 13,076 thousand euros), other operating income was 13,198 thousand euros (2021: 2,246 thousand euros) and net profit 30,400 thousand euros (2021: 10,267 thousand euros), including revaluation of investment property in the amount of 12,961 thousand euros (2021: 2,204 thousand euros). As of the end of the financial year the total equity of the company was 155,339 thousand euros.

A total of 16,859 thousand euros was invested in the construction of buildings and improvement of equipment in 2022. In 2022, bank loans in the amount of 17,068 thousand euros were received and 2,888 thousand euros repaid.

As at 31 December 2022, the fair value of Mainor Ülemiste AS's investment property amounted to 196,780 thousand euros, increasing by 29,820 thousand euros compared to last financial year.

The audited consolidated annual report for 2022 of Mainor Ülemiste AS is available on the Nasdaq Tallinn web page.


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