Published: 2021-08-24 16:01:18 CEST
Amber Grid
Notification on material event

Regarding a Court Decision

AB Amber Grid, legal entity code: 303090867. Address: Savanorių pr. 28, LT-03116 Vilnius, Lithuania.

AB Amber Grid informs that on 24 August 2021 the Vilnius Regional Court made the decision to close the civil case under UAB MT Group legal action regarding the decisions of the AB Amber Grid commission of the Gas Interconnection between Poland and Lithuania (GIPL) procurement. It was decided to terminate the proceedings under the settlement agreement between the two parties.

MT Group and Amber Grid, after evaluating the court decisions, saving time and human resources and seeking smooth and constructive cooperation in the future, decided to settle the case amicably, without questioning the court decisions and pending the settlement of outstanding claims and to prevent any further disputes over this public tender in the future.

More information:
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