Published: 2020-08-04 06:21:00 CEST
Zemaitijos Pienas
Acquisition or disposal of the issuer's own shares

Regarding acquisition (purchasing) of AB “Žemaitijos pienas” own shares

AB “ŽEMAITIJOS PIENAS” (legal address: Sedos Str. 35, Telšiai, entity identification number 180240752, hereinafter referred to as the Company) hereby informs that considering the decision of AB “Žemaitijos pienas” General Meeting of Shareholders of 09 April 2020 “Regarding acquisition of own shares”, following the decision of the Board of the Company, it was decided to purchase ordinary registered shares of AB “Žemaitijos pienas”, nominal value of one share is EUR 0.29, through AB “Nasdaq Vilnius” Stock Exchange official market.

Conditions for acquisition (purchasing) of AB “Žemaitijos pienas” shares:

Acquisition of shares starts – 05 August 2020 (inclusive);
Acquisition of shares finishes – 12  August 2020 (inclusive);
Maximum number of shares to be acquired – 675 000 pieces;
Total maximum price of shares to be acquired– 1 000 000 Euros;
Price of acquisition of shares – 1.48 Euro per one share; 
If share supply exceeds the number of shares acquired, the number of shares to be sold shall be reduced proportionally for each seller of shares.

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