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Published: 2022-03-21 10:49:34 CET
Digizuite A/S
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Digizuite welcomes industry veteran Lisa Grimm

Digizuite, the global provider of enterprise Digital Asset Management (DAM) SaaS software, welcomes industry expert Lisa Grimm as part of its corporate team as the company’s first-ever Digital Asset Management (DAM) Evangelist. In this premier role for Digizuite, Lisa will make major strides toward securing the Digizuite DAM as an industry gold standard platform.

To quote Digizuite CEO Kim Wolters, the new role of a DAM evangelist is part of Digizuite’s promise to our customers to be “with you all the way”. Lisa has a background as the Global Director of Digital Asset Management for Novartis, the leading Life Sciences company. Previously, she held leadership roles at Amazon/Amazon Web Services and GlaxoSmithKline.

Not only has Lisa contributed to DAM-fueled digital transformation for multiple organizations; she is also a well-known speaker across the DAM industry. Whether it is through her podcast, or as a keynote speaker at industry events, Lisa is always ready to captivate audiences as she shares invaluable insights. 

Digizuite’s CMO specifically brought Lisa on board in this new role to provide crucial advisory services for clients as they adopt and grow with their Digizuite DAM. As such an evangelist, she will also empower partners as they expand their expertise in the growing DAM domain.

Additionally, Lisa plans to do even more for Digizuite, its customer base, and for the many new clients she predicts will join the Digizuite community (with the right guidance).

“There are so many directions to consider, but I think there's a good space to begin between myth busting - helping organizations (and individuals!) get beyond the 'DAM is only for marketing' idea - and building new possibilities,” she said. “Content creation is now part of so many different parts of organizations – large and small – and DAM is still 'new' in many of those verticals, even within larger companies that 'get' DAM within their marketing stack. There's a huge opportunity to expand DAM usage in companies that have already made a start, but it's just as important to go back to basics in some places - there's always a fresh audience. It's going to be great to get to put my experiences - some of them hard-won - to good use!” 

“Attracting top talent is key to our growing success, and Lisa Grimm is a well-known speaker and thought leader among peers in the DAM expert community,” Wolters said. “She is an amazing addition to the team and with her experience from Enterprise DAM implementations, she will contribute in many aspects to our business –from supporting sales and marketing with customer advisory and content production to R&D with input to our future product roadmap. I’m proud to welcome Lisa, as she is an admired and experienced DAM expert.”


About Digizuite A/S

Digizuite is a SaaS company in Digital Asset Management software (DAM) that streamlines all digital content in one central platform. Through automated workflows and agile integrations, Digizuite removes manual workflows and streamlines the entire content value chain. Customers choose Digizuite to have control over who, where, and how corporate materials are used. It ensures brand control, risk reduction and helps to increase efficiency and revenue.

Digizuite is a global company that has realized 600% growth in ARR between 2017 and 2020. Today, the company has more than 70 employees between its headquarters in Denmark and its subsidiaries in the United States, United Kingdom, Belgium, and Ukraine.

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