Published: 2020-12-07 08:13:30 CET
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“Grindeks” unveils new look

“Grindeks” unveils new look

JSC “Grindeks” announces an update to its corporate brand, including refreshed logo, custom typeface and style. To assure the visual sustainability, “Grindeks” proudly presents the novelty – Grindelia flower symbol, as one of the companies’ recognition signs, honouring the first Latvian origin pharmacist, doctor and chemist David Hireonymus Grindel.

For more than 20 years company is known and trusted under the brand name “Grindeks”. Company’s name holds the history, traditions and evolution of all Latvian pharmaceutical industry. “Grindeks” launched novel brand vision to provide the best health support for every person worldwide and become a world-class pharmaceutical company.

Growth, simplicity and humanity are the new “Grindeks” brand values, that will deliver experience and knowledge collected over the years in understandable and accessible manner.

JSC “Grindeks” Chairman of the Council Kirovs Lipmans: “2021 is the year of “Grindeks” 75th anniversary and we will start it with inspirational changes. I have always believed that one should never stop on what has been accomplished and always reach towards the development. The new corporate values – humanity, simplicity and growth, as well as the visual brand innovations more than ever will bring out our main call – taking care of human health.”

“Grindeks” brand changes will contribute to the implementation of the Group’s strategy by 2025, which includes increasing the range of the active pharmaceutical ingredients and the final dosage forms, expansion in new markets – European Union countries, US, Japan, South Korea, Australia and New Zealand; expansion of production infrastructure in Latvia, Estonia and Slovakia, as well as development of the subsidiary JSC “Kalceks”.

Company also intends to change the medicine packaging design. Considering the complicated and time-consuming medicine registration process, transition to the new brand identity will be gradual.

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About JSC “Grindeks”

“Grindeks” is an international pharmaceutical company focused on research, development, manufacturing and sales of original products, generics and active pharmaceutical ingredients. The Group of “Grindeks” has four subsidiary companies in Latvia, Estonia, and Slovakia as well as representative offices in 11 countries.

“Grindeks” specializes in the heart and cardiovascular, CNS, anti-cancer and anti-diabetes medicines. A range of products covers a combination of original products Mildronate® (meldonium*) and Ftorafur®, generics and active pharmaceutical ingredients.

In 2019, products of the company were exported to 84 countries. The most important export markets of “Grindeks” are the EU countries, Russia and other CIS countries, the USA, Canada and Japan.


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