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Published: 2023-06-05 08:39:18 CEST
AUGA group
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AUGA Group, AB implements the first stock options for employees

The Agtech company and organic food producer AUGA group, AB (hereinafter the Company) continues the option programme started in 2019 and implements the 2020 stock options for employees. 2 021 030 shares are granted to 186 employees.

The Company started the option programme in the spring, 2019, when, in the first phase, more than 2.55 million units of shares were allocated to employees.

Employees who signed the share option agreements in 2020 this year can use them. The decision to increase the share capital of the Company by issuing new ordinary registered shares, that will be transferred free of charge to the employees who submitted the respective notifications, was approved by the Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders that took place on 28 April 2023. Ownership of the shares will pass to the employees from the moment the shares are transferred to the employees’ personal securities accounts.

“We continue the stock option programme launched in 2019 and we are glad that this year, for the second time, employees can realize the stock options granted to them. The same as last year the shares that have become property of employees are not only a pleasant evaluation and a financial benefit, but also an even greater motivation to strive for better results and value growth of the company,” says Kęstutis Juščius, CEO of AUGA Group, AB.

The Company is continuing its option programme for the fifth year. From the beginning of the programme in the period of 2019-2023 more than 11 million of shares was distributed for more than 370 employees.

CEO of AUGA Group, AB
Kęstutis Juščius
+370 5 233 5340