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Published: 2020-11-17 16:20:33 CET
Likvidējamā AS "Kurzemes atslēga 1"
Notice to general meeting

Notification on convocation of JSC“KURZEMES ATSLĒGA 1” Extraordinary General Meeting of shareholders

Notification on convocation of JSC“KURZEMES ATSLĒGA 1” Extraordinary General Meeting of shareholders

Kalvenes street 27, Aizpute, LV-3456, Latvia, 2020-11-17 16:20 CET -- The Board of Joint Stock Company “KURZEMES ATSLĒGA 1” (Reg. No. 40003044007, legal address - Kalvenes Street 27, Aizpute, Aizpute Region) convenes an extraordinary shareholders' meeting on December 18, 2020.

The meeting in the premises of the company’s office (Kalvenes Street 27, Aizpute, Aizpute region) will start at 15:00

Registration of shareholders on the day of the meeting will start at 14:30.

The total number of voting shares of the Company - 918144, including:

1. bearer shares of the public issue -656356;

2nd closed issue registered shares - 261788.

The meeting may be attended by shareholders who owned the company's shares on the record date, hence the end of the day on December 10, 2020.

Upon registration, the shareholder or his / her representative must present an identity document.

If an authorized person represents the shareholders at the meeting, a written power of attorney must be submitted before the beginning of the meeting (the form is available on the websites www.oricgs.lv and www.nasdaqbaltic.com). The power of attorney is not required for persons who represent the shareholder on the basis of law.


1) Termination of the Company's operations;

2) determination of the liquidator of the Company;

3) determination of the term for submission of creditors' claims;

4) removal of members of the Company's Council from its’ duties;

5) authorization to submit the adopted decisions for registration in the Commercial Register of the Enterprise Register of the Republic of Latvia ”.

Shareholders representing at least one twentieth of the share capital of the company have the right to request the Board to include additional issues on the agenda of the meeting within seven days from the date of publication of the announcement.

Shareholders who propose the inclusion of additional issues are obliged to submit to the Board draft resolutions on the issues, the inclusion of which on the agenda of the meeting they propose.

Shareholders have the right to submit draft resolutions on the issues included in the agenda of the shareholders 'meeting to the Board within seven days from the date of distribution of the notice convening the shareholders' meeting.

Shareholders can get acquainted with the draft resolutions on the agenda of the shareholders' meeting and receive those during working hours (8: 00-12: 00 and 13: 00-17: 00) at Kalvenes Street 27, Aizpute, Aizpute region (administrative premises) at the secretary 14 days before shareholders' meetings

The Board

         Irēna Burve
         Galvenā grāmatvede
         AS Kurzemes Atslēga-1
         Kalvenes iela 27
         Aizpute, LV-3456
         Tel.: 63448075
         E-pasts: gramatv@ka1.lv

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