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Published: 2023-09-13 15:39:23 CEST
Acquisition or disposal of the issuer's own shares

Novaturas Group purchases own shares in order to grant them to the employees

Following Rules of granting shares of the Company, as approved by Annual general shareholders meeting on 24th May 2022, the Company has granted option rights for 144 employees of Novaturas group to purchase at par value 10 000 shares on 27th April 2025, 23 400  shares on 22nd December 2025, 20 817 shares on 21st April 2026 and 21 780 shares on 22nd June 2026 (in total – 75 997 shares).

Taking into consideration terms of acquisition of Company‘s own shares approved by Annual general shareholders meeting on 24th May 2022, Company‘s board on 12th September 2023 has taken decision to purchase 75 997 Company‘s shares ( code LT0000131872) with the purpose to sell these shares for employees of Novaturas group upon execution of option rights.

Shares will be purchased on Nasdaq Vilnius official offering market during 14th – 20th September, 2023.  Settlement for shares offered will take place on 22nd September 2023.  Share acquisition price established at 3.27 Eur.

About the company
Novaturas Group is the largest and the only charter flights‘ local tour operator in the Baltic States, offering summer and winter trips to more than 30 destinations worldwide and more than 100 tours. In 2022, Novaturas Group recorded revenues of EUR 197 million and served 267 000 passengers in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. 

Vygantas Reifonas
CFO of AB Novaturas
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