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Published: 2022-12-23 07:00:00 CET
Vilniaus Baldai
Interim information

VILNIAUS BALDAI AB result for activity and non audited condensed interim consolidated financial statement for the three months of FY 2023

The Group revenue during the first quarter of FY2023 stood at 28 435 thousand EUR, while during the same period of FY2022 revenue was 26 847 thousand EUR.

Net losses of the Group during the first three months were 579 thousand EUR, at the same period last year net losses were 1 903 thousand EUR.

EBITDA was 992 thousand EUR, while a year ago it was negative and stood at -251 thousand EUR.

Additional information:
General manager
Jonas Krutinis
Phone No: +370 5 2525700


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VILNIAUS BALDAI AB non audited results for the three months of FY 2023.pdf