Published: 2020-04-30 16:30:00 CEST
General meeting of shareholders

Resolutions of Snaigė AB the General Meeting of Shareholders

The General Meeting of shareholders of Snaige AB was held on 30 April 2020.
All shareholders that participated at the General Meeting voted in advance in writing by filling Voting Ballots.

Following resolutions were made on the meeting:

Shareholders took for information the consolidated annual report of “Snaigė” AB on the company’s activity for 2019 with information about the Company strategy and its implementation, the auditor’s conclusion on the company’s financial statements for 2019.

Shareholders approved the set of financial statements of the company for 2019.

It was approved the distribution of profit (loss) of “Snaigė” AB for 2019:


Non-distributed profit (loss) at the end of the last financial year(11327462)
Net result - profit (loss) of financial year(56487)
Distributable result- profit (loss)  of financial year(11383949) 
Transfers from reserves:946161 
For the acquisition of own shares 
Transfers from mandatory reserve946161 
Distributable profit(10437788)
Distribution of profit946161 
To reserve foreseen by law946161 
Non-distributed result - profit (loss) at the end of financial year(11383949) 

Shareholders decided Remuneration policy as set out in Article 373 of the Republic of Lithuania Law on Companies applicable to the managing director of the Company and the Board to prepare for approval before the next year ordinary general meeting of shareholders.
Until the remuneration policy will be approved, to approve the remuneration provisions applicable to the managing director of the Company:
The remuneration and guidelines of bonus to the managing director of the Company is set by the Board in accordance with fairness, lawfulness, proportionality, legitimate expectations.
The rules on increased pay for overtime, work on days off, public holidays or at night work shall not apply to the chief executive officer of the Company.
The salary the managing director of the Company is paid in accordance with the procedure and terms provided for in the employment contract.
The Company does not remunerate the members of the Board of the Company elected by the Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders till 2023 year.

Managing Director
Mindaugas Sologubas


Snaige AB_Financial statements 2019 year_Auditors report_Annual report_Social responsibility report.pdf