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Published: 2021-10-19 16:34:05 CEST
Nasdaq Riga
Announcement from the exchange

Listing of AS “DelfinGroup” shares on Baltic Main list and granting exception

Nasdaq Riga decided on October 19, 2021 to list AS “DelfinGroup” shares on Baltic Main list as of October 20, 2021. 

Additional information:

Issuer's full name AS "DelfinGroup"
Issuer's short name DGR
Securities ISIN code LV0000101806
Nominal value of one security 0.10 EUR
Number of listed securities 40 000 000
Orderbook short name DGR1R
Orderbook ID 238374
List Baltic Main List

The company and its securities comply will all requirements of Nasdaq Riga Rules On Listing and Trading of Financial Instruments on the Markets Regulated by the Exchange (hereinafter – Rules), except clause 5.4.2. which states that not later than the day on which the trading with shares starts, a sufficient free float is to be ensured, i.e., at least 25% of the shares of the category which the Issuer wants to list at the Exchange are in free float or the capitalization of the shares on free float exceeds 10 000 000 EUR. 

Based on AS “DelfinGroup” free-float calculations made according to Procedure for calculation of quantity of shares in free public circulation, AS “DelfinGroup” does not reach the minimum free-float required by the Rules.

According to the Article 5.4.7. of the Rules, the Exchange Management Board shall have a right taking into account the situation in the financial markets and other circumstances to set an exception to the requirements specified under Article 5.4.2.

Considering the above and the information provided by AS “DelfinGroup” about plan to comply with Rules Clause 5.4.2. requirements within 18 months, as well as Market making agreement concluded by the company, Nasdaq Riga has decided to grant an exception from Article 5.4.2. of the Rules and to list company’ shares on Baltic Main list as of October 20, 2021.

Attached: AS "DelfinGroup" prospectus and Supplements to the prospectus.

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