Published: 2012-05-21 11:11:15 CEST
Trigon Property Development
Company Announcement

Sale of land

VN Niidu Kinnisvara OÜ, the fully owned subsidiary of AS Trigon Property Development has sold 6006 m2 of land as part of the Niidu 9 land plot to OÜ AA IT Teenused for the development of an automated gas station.

The total transaction price amounted to EUR 211,000 (ca EUR 35 per square meter of land), net of VAT.

The transaction is initially recorded in the property register as co-ownership (in Estonian: kaasomand), but as soon as the Niidu 9 plot is divided into smaller land plots the clean title of 6,006 m2 will be transferred to the buyer. For this purpose VN Niidu Kinnisvara OÜ has initiated a new detail planning on the Niidu 9 land plot which would divide the Niidu 9 land plot into smaller plots.

After the transaction VN Niidu Kinnisvara OÜ owns 35,4 ha of land with building rights.


Aivar Kempi

Member of the management

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